What's changing in apprenticeships from April 2020?

We currently work with employers who have a pay bill of £3 million, or more, each year. You will be reporting and paying apprenticeship levy through the PAYE process to HMRC. To use the Apprenticeship Levy service you will need to register to use the service and this will enable you to; receive levy funds for you to spend on apprenticeships, manage your apprentices, pay your chosen training provider(s) and stop or pause payments. Early next year, all employers will be able to access the service and Greenlight are excited to announce that we can support you with this process. We aim to streamline the process for you to take on an apprentice and would like to start the process with you so that you can take on an apprentice as soon as the funds are available.

What apprenticeships do we offer?

Greenlight currently offer the following Construction based apprenticeship opportunities in either Frameworks (up until July 31, 2020) or Standards:

Level 2

Groundworker, Construction Operations, Plant Operations, Roofing Occupations, Applied Waterproof Membranes, Plastering, Painter and Decorator

Level 3

Occupational Work Supervision, Plastering, Painter and Decorator
We are also developing further opportunities in Business and Administration, Customer Service and Safety, Health and Environment.

What are the benefits to you?

Our programmes can be delivered at the employer’s premises, at our learning venues or a combination of both. We will use a mix of delivery methods including taught sessions and practical activities whilst encouraging each individual to take ownership of their learning programme at an early stage. Working with both the employer and the apprentice, we develop programmes that minimise disruption to the employer whilst ensuring maximum achievement. Apprentices can start at any point within the year and the learning programme can be adapted to flex around busier work times. All employees involved in the delivery of our apprenticeship programmes have extensive work experience and maintain their professional development with relevant trade bodies.

How can Greenlight help?

If you would like to employ a new apprentice, or support your existing employees, we can work with you to devise the right programme for you and your apprentice. We will spend time with you identifying the role, the skills required and link this to the correct framework or standard. We will also identify appropriate added value courses to support your apprentice’s learning. Throughout the apprenticeship programme, we will regularly seek feedback from you as to whether the programme is meeting your needs as an employer as well as the needs of your apprentice. If the programme needs to be adapted, we will work with you to achieve this. As part of the review process we will ensure that you receive feedback against each apprentice’s progress to ensure they remain on track for a timely completion. Finally, where any additional incentives are made available, we will share this information with you and support you to receive those funds as they become due.

Want to know more?

Call Sharron Agambar on 01752 604713 or email sagambar@greenlightsc.co.uk