UKATA Non-Licensable Work with Asbestos Including NNLW

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The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, Regulation 10 requires every employer to ensure that adequate information, instruction and training is given to their employees who are or who are liable to be exposed to asbestos, or who supervise such employees. Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, Regulation 10, Paragraph 128 – 131 specifies the training that is required for those working with non-licensed asbestos-containing materials as defined by CAR 2012 Reg 3(2).

PLEASE NOTE: The delegates attending the UKATA Non-Licensed course will need a UKATA Asbestos Awareness certificate which has been completed in the last 6 months. If delegates don’t have this qualification, the UKATA Asbestos Awareness course can be sat on the same day as the Non-Licensed.


To provide the delegate with the theoretical and practical skills to undertake non-licensed works with ACM’s.
Persons requiring this type of training would include trade operatives undertaking tasks with ACM’s as defined in
HSG210 and in accordance with CAR 2012 Reg 3(2).


• Be familiar with what works are classified as non-licensed;
• Be familiar with the control measures that will be required
to undertake non-licensed work with asbestos
containing materials;
• Understand the requirements to prevent the spread of
asbestos and control exposure when working with
non-licensed asbestos-containing materials;
• How to deal with the waste generated from undertaking
tasks with non-licensed asbestos-containing materials;

• How to undertake specific task as laid down in HSG210,
Essential Task Manual including, but not limited to;
• Drilling holes through AIB and textured coating
• Removal of small AIB panels;
• Removal of asbestos cement based products;
• Removal of articles containing asbestos such as floor tiles,
gaskets etc
• How to adequately decontaminate after working with
non-licensed asbestos-containing materials.

Certification for this course is valid for 1 year. To remain certified in this area, you will need to retake the course
before the expiry date.


Course Duration

Cost (per person)Group booking (3+)
3/4 Day£195


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