Greenlight Apprenticeship Open Days

Just before the lockdown, we signed up 70 young people who are interested in trade apprenticeships at Building Plymouth’s National Apprenticeship Week event at Plymouth Guildhall.


It was great to see so many talented young people and their parents at the event and explain to them how many great career opportunities there are in construction.  We spoke to hundreds of people and 76 young people were so engaged that they registered their interest in attending our Open Sessions.


Obviously, Covid-19 hit us all soon afterwards which has had a huge impact upon everybody.  Employers have had to down tools, students haven’t been able to take exams and parents are understandably worried about the future. That said, sites are opening all of the time and employers will require apprentices and skilled staff to grow again.  


So during all the uncertainty we’ve been busy speaking to both employers and the young people who expressed their interest back in February. Amongst the young people, their message is very much “we are still really keen but worried about the availability of apprenticeships”.  The employers, whilst understandably cautious, know that a fresh intake of skills would be advantageous to bounce back and can see there is funding available to help create and maintain jobs in the future.


Our friends at GIUK very much see this is as a really important conversation so they have kindly allowed us to use their fantastic Eggbuckland Keep facility for two socially distanced Open Days on:


18th & 25th July

Morning – 8.30am – 12.30pm – please arrive for 8.15am
Afternoon – 1pm – 5 pm – please arrive for 12.45pm


We already have a number of employers attending who are looking forward to meeting young people and their parents in what we hope will be positive discussions.


If you are an employer, parent or young person who would like to attend.  Please feel free to get in contact with Dan Symons on 01752 604713 or and let him know which session you’d like to attend or ask any questions.


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